Monitoring Dashboards

Dashboard | Monitoring | DevOps

Project Details

  • Field :
    Cloud, Monitoring, DevOps
  • Technologies :
    Prometheus, Grafana, 3M, Cloudfoundry, Go, GitLab CI/CD
  • Client :
    Cyber Security Company

Tactical Monitoring Dashboards & DevOps

For a customer in the field of cybersecurity, we set up the monitoring of the system components for a Big Data / Fast Data system. We used open source tools like Prometheus and Grafana, which monitor all system components (e.g. databases, Kafka, micro services) and send alerts in case of critical conditions.

Within this project, we also helped the customer build CI/CD pipelines for deploying microservices in Cloudfoundry.

(The dashboard shown is not the dashboard in use but a mockup).