Human Resources Dashboard

Dashboard | Logistics

Project Details

  • Field :
    Dashboard, Analysis, Visualization
  • Technologies :
    R Shiny, Highcharts, Shiny Server Pro, Oracle DB, Liquibase, AWS
  • Client :
    International Logistics Group

A dashboard for human resources management

For an international logistics group, we co-developed a dashboard that gives managers a clear overview of all key employee metrics.

The dashboard displays about 30 metrics, both in an aggregated and in a detailed way. Users can compare current values with historical data. It is equipped with an alert function, automated emailing to users and management, and a fine-tunable user management.

Single sign-on authentication, integration of a wide range of data sources, and operations management are performed by the customer’s interface partners. We perform an interface function in the technical coordination between the partners.

(The dashboard displayed above is not the one actually in use, but a Tableau prototype)